Allergies caused by the dog are not due to the hair itself, but to the allergens which hang on to it and which are initially found in the saliva, the urine and the sweat of the dog.

In case of allergy to dogs, the AHT can be a solution for lovers of the canine species : even if they produce the same quantity of allergens as other dogs, their being naked allows one to give them a quick shower at all time, and thus to get rid of allergens. Besides, you won't have the allergens scattered all around the house with the dog hair ;)

In case of severe allergy, the best thing to do is it to meet AHT, spend time with them and see how you react. Besides, the allergy may fade away in time : our daughter being severely allergic, at first we had to shower Shems every two days - now it's only once a week !

You are welcome to come and meet our AHT if you want to check your allergies, after making an appointment through our contact form. If you do not live in Provence, we can indicate some AHT owners (with their consent) in your area.