puppy socialization

Puppy's socialization is a most important step, if one wants him/her to become an easy and agreeable companion. If it is well achieved, he/she will be obedient, calm and respectful, and be able to develop all his/her qualities in a serene environment.
AHT are terriers, that is to say playful, energetic and sometimes headstrong dogs : it is all the more important to produce sound-in-mind puppies. We are sure that family breeding is a good way to achieve this goal ;) because we have time to socialize each puppy.
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A puppy should not be separated from his mother before 8 weeks of age, or else he/she may experience irreversible psychological damage. To benefit from the impregnation period, when the puppy will attach him/herself to you as to his/her mother, take him home when he/she is 9 to 12 weeks old.
But many a friendship has flourished at an older age !